Cabot Trip Report

July 17, 2007

Peaks Hiked


Berlin Fish Hatchery parking > Bunnell Notch Tr. > Kilkenny Ridge Tr. out and back.

Trip Report

Bienvenue a le grand bois du nord: the birch trees were large, and owl, grouse chick, moose tracks and poop, lots of toads and a snake graced my path. The mosquitoes killed.

Start through an over-grown logged area which choked the trail with grass and wildflowers. Finally in the woods and a long, pretty walk up a brook valley. Once in Bunnel Notch, the Kilkenny Ridge Tr. enters. Clearly, the Mt. Cabot Tr. is abandoned (a sign says so) and the Kilkenny Ridge Tr. is explicitly marked so I won’t walk down the wrong trail.

Walk to the cabin and then on to the summit. The views were few and unfamiliar. Only from an overlook some time below the summit and from the cabin was there a spot of see some scenery. The summit was wooded.

This was a long walk and too much effort for a 4,170 ft. peak with few views.

Of note

  • mostly sunny, 70s/70s, breezy on the summit
  • the valley walk was lovely
  • 9.6 mi/5.5 hrs


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No Entry

A landowner/Forest dispute closed the easiest route to the summit. This is the sign from near the summit where the Cabot Tr. descends.