Cannon Trip Report

July 16, 1994

Peaks Hiked


Start @ Cannon Mountain Ski Area parking > Kinsman Ridge Tr. > Lonesome Lake Tr. > Rim Tr. > Lonesome Lake Hut > Pemi Tr. > Parking

Trip Report

A cool, humid, cloudy morning. Most of the mountain was topped in cloud cover. The trail starts out and continues steep to the outlook at the sag (~3,800 ft.). Steep again to the Rim Tr. The entire top of the trip was clouded in, so there were no views. Clouds blew by (i.e. mist) nearly the entire ascent, and brightened with increasing elevation. The final climb above the sag was very disorienting as the clouds blew by and we ascended a moderately steep and smooth terrain that had no vegetation. Drank coffee at the tramway station. There were a lot of people, and they noticed Debbie’s offensive-smelling vest that spent too many years stuffed in a wet plastic bag. Stanky ruined more that a few lunches that afternoon. Ate lunch near the observation tower. Continued to hut via Kinsman Ridge Tr. Soon after leaving the summit, the descent became a very steep and tight walk. The big rocks were slippery from the high humidity. Very difficult to manage. Debbie’s tendonitis returned from the past and our pace slowed considerably. Lonesome Lake Tr. became difficult for her. Slept at the hut in a room with a through-hiker. We smelled worse than he did, but he had a can of clams and we didn’t so that made us even. Next day we decided not to climb the Kinsmans because of Debbie’s knee. We returned to the car (Lonesome Lake Tr. to the Pemi Tr.). Fatiguing because it merged with the recreation trail which was paved. Watch out for bikers!

Of note:

  • Cannon is a day hike, even this circuit. Climb up the south side of Cannon, not down. Those rocks sure were a pain.