Garfield Trip Report

August 15, 1997

Peaks Hiked


Park in Loop Rd. lot. Out and back. Garfield Tr. to Garfield Ridge Tr. to summit and back

Trip Report


Whoa, boy! New parking pass required. We didn't know until we scouted the trail the night before and saw the sign. Went to the closed ranger station on Truedeau Rd. to read the sign that told us to go to Foster’s. PIA, man! Thankfully they had the nuts, too.

Sunny, hazy, hot (80s) day. Being out of shape made the long and relatively easy trail seem to climb for an eternity. Otherwise like the trail guide except there’s a bridge crossing the Gale River and the blow-down has recovered. The “several sweeping switchbacks” is an understatement. At the top it was tan-central with all the early hikers splayed out in all the good spots (as copious as they were) asleep (another PIA). The view of the Franconias was beautiful. Owl’s Head and the Bonds were sort of obscured by the assholes tanning around the fire tower foundation (if you were lying there that day, you deserve the appellation, man). They wouldn’t budge to let us up for a peak. A good way to ruin a great summit experience. The trip down was very long. To sum up: long walk, great view, irritating day.

Keep a cooler of beer in the car from now on.

Of note:

  • Do it again if if the crowds are somewher else.
  • Hike w/ Deb