Hale Trip Report

August 17, 1997

Peaks Hiked


Start: Park at lot on Zealand Rd. (FR 16), out and back. Hale Brook Tr.

Trip Report

An easy, quick trail on a sunny, cool day. We were still tired from Garfield two days before, so we walked at a very slow oace and didn't feel so great. It was kind of a drag. The grade was moderate, the woods were quiet and pretty. Our tral book is showing its age: the trees around the summit had grown, so the view was obscured even when standing on the pile of rocks at the summit. Also of note: the rocks really are magnetic (so my compass proved). A group of kids we met on the summit didn't care, but their leader (a guy our age) thought it was neat. You can make a cellphone call from the summit. Gray Jays are daring birds. One tried to steal food from my pack and wouldn't leave me alone. Maybe if I didn't bait it with food, he wouldn't have noticed me. A lesson learned? Doubt it.

Of note:

  • An easy trail. Could come by way of Zealand Falls. Could do a circuit with the hut/falls, but the road walk doesn't sound fun.
  • Hiked with Deb.