The Kinsmans Trip Report

July 24, 2000


The Basin > Basin-Cascades Tr., Cascade Brook Tr. > Fishin’ Jimmy Tr. > Kinsman Ridge Tr. > Fishin’ Jimmy Tr. > Lonesome Lake Tr. > Lafayette Place

Trip Report

This was a tougher than expected hike with some great scenery. Basin-Cascades Tr. was a mess – it was hard to follow, wet and very muddy. At one point I sunk into mud up to my knee. If my other leg had gotten stuck, too, I might still be there. Lonesome Lake was as beautiful as ever, easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth with the mighty, Gothic Franconias hemming the horizon and reflecting on the lake. The crowds may suck, but you can’t blame them for their taste in scenery.

Fishin’ Jimmy was a tough nut of a trail. It undulated with plenty of ups and downs but no net elevation gain until it finally began to climb at the mossy stream. Then lots of rocks and slabbing. Some of the slabbing couldn’t be scrambled without the help of steps bolted into the rock. It was a tiring ascent. Kinsman Pond was beautiful. It’s a small tarn nestled below Kinsman’s summit cliffs. Yellow water lilies were booming on its surface.

After a quick, poolside lunch I ascended. The Kinsman Ridge Tr. continued Fishin’ Jimmy’s steep grade. Things changed at the top. From North Kinsman’s summit I could see Lonesome and the Franconias and from Cannon to Loon Mts. It was a fine view, though not as picturesque as the view of the Franconias above Lonesome. The walk to South Kinsman was a quick and easy half hour. The summit provided an awesome 360-degree view that may be overgrown in a few years. The walk back down was a pounding down Fishin’ Jimmy. The walk below Lonesome was a relief.

Of note

  • sunny valleys, clouds over ridges, upper 70s, no wind
  • 8 hrs solid
  • the bridge crossing the brook on Basin-Cascades is lying in pieces on the stream bank