Pierce Trip Report

August 12, 1996

Peaks Hiked


Park on U.S. 302 at Crawford’s. Crawford Path > Mizpah Cutoff > Webster Cliff Tr. > Pierce summit > Crawford Path

Trip Report

Partly cloudy, cool and dry. An excellent trail: easy grade all the way. The footing was good. No surprises on this trail. All around a great walk on a nice day. Mizpah was beautiful. The day was clear enough to see to Mt. Jefferson from the summit. The insects were bothersome on the summit where we ate lunch (we put on our very attractive head nets. This route comparible to Edmund’s Path up Ike. Great walk on a great trail to a great summit.

Of note

  • Could have merged two trips into really great one: Webser > Jackson > Pierce or reverse. What was I thinking?
  • Good start for a Presidential traverse.
  • 6.4 mi/ 6 hr.