Pierce 2012 Trip Report

June 21, 2012

Peaks Hiked


Park on Mt. Clinton Rd. lot. Crawford Connector > Crawford Path > Webster Cliff Tr. > Mizpah Cutoff > Crawford Path > Crawford Connector

Trip Report

After I hiked this mountain in 1996, I imagined this would be a great trip for my kids, whomever they were going to be (and of course they would be hikers). They arrived in the intervening years and so -- DREAM COME TRUE!!!

The weather was unusually hot for June -- low 90s in the valley -- and snottily humid. The trail was a little tougher than I remember it (I am older and fatter than I had planned. It's been 16 years.), but still a nice one for the Whites. We walked to the summit and then Mizpah Hut (the reverse of 1996), and I'm glad we did. I forgot about a steep section on Webster Cliff Tr. which the book describes as quickly ascending (steeply descending for us). The view to Eisenhower was wonderful, the peaks beyond were clouded in. Blackfly were out and bothersome all the way. The alpine was awesome as always.

Nice to be back on a big peak after a five year break. Can't beat a big mountain for hiking goodness.