Tecumseh Trip Report

August 14, 1996

Peaks Hiked


Park at Mt. Techumseh Ski Area. Mt. Tecumseh Tr. > Sosman Tr. > Mt. Tecumseh summit > Sosman Tr. > top of ski slopes > Sosman Tr. > Mt. Tecumseh Tr. Out and back.

Trip Report

Mostly sunny and warmer than last few days. No breeze. It seemed hotter and more humid. Everything as planned until the brook, then the trail we followed wasn’t anything like the guide book. (We found out later that the trail was rerouted away from the ski slopes, as reflected the latest edition of the White Mountain Guide which was published the week of this trip.) Footing was gravely and irritating. Grade was moderat and booring. Summit was grown in. View of Mt. Trupyramid was obscured by trees. Sosman trail is a small gem: Some one built a bench infront of a clearing with a view to Tripyramid. Wow!!! A crew was building more ski trails at the top of Tecumseh. The were liming the construction area – it was like snow in August.

Of note:

  • Booring. I’m still waking up. Actually view from Sosman Tr. bench was cool, so was the scene of heavy construction equipment balancing on a steep ski slope. Alternative: the other side of Mt. Tecumseh Tr. from Tripoli Rd. How much better could it be?
  • Saw a spruce grouse and lots of boreal chickadees.