The Tripyramids Trip Report

July 11, 2003


<p>Sabaday Falls parking lot &gt; Sabaday Brook Tr. &gt; Mt. Tripyramid Tr. out and back</p>

Trip Report

Trip Report: This was a long, long, long hike with a tough up. But after last year’s Owl’s Head slide suck trek, I was in no mood to ascend and descend Tripyramid’s slides. I hate slides.

We lost the trail often on the way up, crossing the brook more times than the book said we would (we didn’t have this problem on the return). We lost the blazes often when the trail climbed away from the stream at the mossy stream. We met only one hiker on the way, and he didn’t look happy a bad sign.

The climbing kicked in at the slabbing and didn’t let up until the ridge. After slabbing came roots and rocks, still very rough, but not the steep, smooth slabbing that we were hiking. The tough stuff ended right at the ridge trail junction.

We hiked Middle Peak first, which was gentle coming out of the col but then graduated to a steep pitch. We hiked back down to the junction and up North Peak, which was a gentle to moderate walk to the summit. Along the way we saw only a handful of people including a couple of guys who had plans to camp along the ridge.

A lot of butt-sliding down the slabbing. By the time we got back to the flat valley below, we were beat. Unfortunately it was a long walk back to the car. When we arrived at the falls, there were a couple of crazies swimming in the pool. They knew it was cold. As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot it began to rain hard.

Of note

  • hiked with Genner
  • hot, humid, partly cloudy
  • the length and steep grades made this hike a lot more tiring than we expected
  • a very quiet hike
  • we wanted to hike another day but we were wrecked, our legs were in bad shape and we were too beat
  • the views were nice