The Enemy of Your Friend Isn't Your Enemy, the Glitter You Send Him Is

The owner of ShipYourEnemiesGlitter found out what happens when you suddenly become part of the Internet glitterati (hint: it sucks).

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TheDailyDot reports on what happens to a startup whose dream comes true 24 hours after it opens -- it regrets the idea and shuts down:

Mathew Carpenter, the man behind is begging people not to use his site the day after it went viral among the Internet's glitterati.

The site that is now giving Carpenter so much trouble had a pretty self-explanatory mission when it launched: It promised to ship your enemies an envelope of glitter that would spill out onto the unsuspecting recipient once it was opened. The simple and to-the-point service resonated with many people who discovered that they needed something they never knew existed.

... The site crashed shortly after its launch, and Carpenter was overwhelmed with orders. He took to Product Hunt to plead with the masses to stop.

"Please stop buying this horrible glitter product," he wrote. "I'm sick of dealing with it."

The thing was, people weren't very sympathetic to his cause.

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