Reviewing the Reviewers 5: If You Don't Know the Answer, Don't Answer

"I don't know" isn't advice.

I don't know emoji

Pet peeve alert: Online reviews and answers that start with the author admitting they have never used the product are not helpful. Examples from Amazon:

Q: How would you compare the performance between 14.5 an 18.5? 

A: Haven't used the 18.5 before, but I have some relevant information you may find useful ...

A: I bought it to use with our motorhome and unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to play with it  ... Would buy it again in a minute.

A: Can't answer that I've never had an 18.5. I will say ...

Q: In a power grid failure could you also bake breads?

A: I have not even tried to bake anything but I am sure you could.

A: I'm not much of a baker, but ...

Q: Does anyone know if there are additional shelves available for purchase?

A: I do not know if you can purchase the shelves separately ...

Q: How bright or how many lumens is the dim light and bright light? Thank you.

A: I no longer have the box these came in, so I don't know if the amount of lumens is listed.

Q: Does this have Bluetooth on it?

A: I do not think so, however I do know my daughter loves it and it works great.

Q: What size [room] would one of these lights work in? I am wondering if I need to purchase more than one for a dance floor probably fits about 60-70 people

A: I'm not sure how many feet this little wonder covers but this product is definitely worth buying ...

Q: I want to control this with a zwave outlet ... Will it do that?

A: I don't know the answer to that question, sorry.

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