Alert: Matt Is Not an Grammarian. (He's Something Else)

A city councilman in Washington, Pa., where they apparently don't value good grammar or common sense, used the city's emergency alert system to, well, out his friend.

Alert: Matt Is not an Gramarian. (He's Something Else)

From CBS's Pittsburgh affiliate by way of the Washington (County, Pa.) Observer-Reporter:

Councilman Matt Staniszeweski sent out an email alert that read, “Alert: This is an test. Brian is gay.”

The paper reports during Monday’s city council meeting, Mayor Brenda Davis reprimanded Staniszeweski for the unprofessional remark.

When confronted about it, Councilman Staniszeweski used the Mr. Burns defense:

Staniszewski lamely countered that it was in reference to a college friend and that, in this case, he was not necessarily saying that his friend was homosexual, or using it in a pejorative sense, “when we all know that the word means happy.”

Uh-huh. They say that lightning can't strike the same spot twice. They don't say that about stupid.